Message from the Chairman


The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created a global health crisis that profoundly impacted the way we perceive our world and everyday life. From the early state of emergency measures such as movement restriction of people, to locking down of the country, we have now gradually transitioned to a new normal for the economy to recover in a better and safer way.

We have been providing daily and emergency medical support services since 1994, and we are keenly working on the overseas medical risk management proposals that we will furnish in the future.

  1. We will continue enhancing our global emergency response capabilities and incidental services for serious medical cases (especially brain, heart diseases and traffic accidents) which occur unexpectedly every year.

    We plan to strengthen a unique network of experienced specialists in each country, create a second opinion or health consultation services using the online application, and enhance the professional ability of the local attendant staff.
  2. We provide a thorough local medical checkup service in every major metropolitan city overseas. This will give our clients the option to have their medical checkup done at any time instead of having to return to Japan to have it done. This will effectively help lower the risk and incidence of serious medical cases developing due to the delay and postponing of checkups. With this, we help alleviate the clients anxiety as they can now easily schedule routine medical checkups and undergo hospital follow ups locally.

    We also provide medical and health consultation email service by Japanese doctors for medical checkup report follow up at any time. We have also enhanced the medical checkup follow up knowledge of the support staff and organizing numerous medical risk management practice sessions in order to prevent the repetition of tragedies.
    We have designed a high-level medical checkup or follow up system by local doctors and specialists in each city. We provide both VIP health screening menu for the elite representatives of companies and employee health screening for their staffs.
  3. In response to the COVID-19 disease, the Infectious disease risk management at WellBe delivered its unique medical risk management support.

    Through WellBe members app, clients may easily obtain the medical institutions information that deal with the local infectious disease. We also provide phone interpretation service for those who have fever or require any emergency medical support.
    Additionally, we closely support clients by providing extensive information on tropical infection diseases that are prevalent in Southeast Asia, such as dengue fever, typhoid and cholera, and the airborne infection of tuberculosis.
  4. In Asia, compensation for a serious car accident injury is relatively low. By using WellBe Group damage assessment service, clients are able to secure reasonable claims from overseas travel insurance, social insurance, automobile or passenger insurance and other relevant companies. At the same time, we are providing one-stop services that includes emergency medical support, quick insurance payment and insurance brokerage in every country.

As mentioned previously, despite the restrictions imposed on businesses due to COVID-19, and the need for transition into the new normal, we continue to enhance the risk management system and make substantial contribution throughout the medical risk.

We will keep on striving to provide all of our members with a better, safer and more secure environment.

July 2020

WellBe Holdings Limited

Chairman and Founder