Message from the Chairman

I established WellBe in Shanghai, China in 1994. At the time, I did not have the slightest idea that China would develop into a huge market as it is now. Since the establishment, WellBe has been committed to providing support to the medical needs of Japanese companies as they expand into the Asian market.
As of December 2013, WellBe provides emergency medical services in 57 cities in Asia, including China and India, based on the solid endorsement and trust of approximately 9,200 Japanese companies and their overseas subsidiaries, approximately 50,000 expatriates and their families, and business travelers. Today, Japanese companies are accelerating their expansion into Asia. In response to such developments, we will also expand our business network to better serve our customers at the places closer to their establishments.

WellBe's services involve medical emergency response for the people working at the very forefront of overseas bases. To our regret, we have seen many unhappy incidents through these services. We believe that our mission lies in ensuring that our customers can commit themselves to their business and enjoy their lives overseas without undue worries by preventing those unhappy incidents from occurring again and improving our service quality on an ongoing manner.

Toward the realization of the following business objectives, we will continue our ongoing efforts to improve and enrich our services:


Prevention and handling of frequent death and serious accident incidents among expatriates, their families, and business travelers.

We believe that prevention and the establishment of an emergency accident response system are key to risk management. WellBe aims to establish a system that combines prevention and emergency response by promoting overseas medical checkup, which have a significant effect on health management, securing local personal physicians, and implementing workshops.


Response to increasing motorization in Asia and associated risks

How to handle problems resulting from frequent traffic accidents in Asia constitutes one of major risks.
We aim to create a system that ensures the provision of one-stop support services for various needs, including accident prevention, accident response, and accident response costs.


Handling of risks unique to Asia

In Asia, risk management, including response to accidents arising from various reasons, is indispensable.
We aim to support Japanese companies working at the forefront of business in Asian nations by standing by them and handling unexpected incidents in a prompt and accurate manner.


Review of risk response costs

Costs form an integral part of risk management.
We aim to reduce customers' medical costs, which continue to rise in Asia, to reasonable levels by optimizing their risk finance in a realistic manner through various types of insurance and self insurance scheme


Expansion of a specialist network

In Asian nations other than Japan, the medical environment, response to accidents, and compensation levels vary significantly from those of Japan. We aim to maintain a high level of professionalism in accident response in collaboration with advisory physicians, lawyers, and accident assessment companies in Japan and local countries.

Last, as far as our resources permit, we will continue staying close to our customers and providing face-to-face services on site.
In an effort to come closer to our customers not only in China, but also in India and other Asian nations, we established WellBe Holdings Ltd. in September 2013 and transferred headquarters functions to the company on December 1, 2013. We will accelerate our business speed and join forces to provide the best services to customers.
We ask for your continued business and support.


WellBe Holdings Limited

Chairman and Founder